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24 Hour Emergency Plumber Service

Having a plumbing emergency? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered! Our plumber Sydney team is available on a 24-hour basis, thus you’ll never have to wait whenever you need assistance.

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Expert Residential Plumbers

Our expert team services with the aim of ensuring that your home is always a healthy and safe place to live in. Besides dealing with general emergency services, we also deal with burst pipes, leaking taps, blocked drains, roofing, gas installations and more.

Commercial Plumbing Services

We’ve the experience in all areas of household, hospitality and strata plumbing. We ensure that an entire strata building gets proper piping and draining. We also assist pubs, clubs and restaurants with their installation and repair needs.


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Affordable Rates by Local Plumber Sydney

Are you having a leaking toilet or shower? A blocked water outlet or drain? We’re aware that problems involving plumbing occur any time anywhere. They often come as a surprise when you least expect. To make matters worse, neglecting these problems may lead into bigger problems later on.

Repairs are often stressful and could end up being expensive. The last thing you would want is getting more stressed by wasting time with poor services. Regardless of where you reside in Sydney, we’re always ready to send professional technicians to handle your plumbing problems within the shortest time possible and at cheap rates.

Our plumber Sydney team is highly experienced and trained. We have the ability to provide the best service you can ever find in the market today. We get everything done on time and clean up the work area at the end of the day, thereby leaving your business premise or home much better than they actually found it.

It’s never your choice as to when plumbing disasters occur. That’s why we have technicians available on a 24-hour basis throughout the year. Whether it’s your commercial property or home, we’ll be there any time you need our assistance.

We offer a wide range of services for commercial and residential properties. Be it maintenance, repairs or installations, we can deal with all kinds of jobs.

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Our Services

Blocked Drains

Blocked drains are extremely problematic. They become worse when the problem starts affecting the bathroom or kitchen. Our team has all the necessary expertise to unclog blocked drains and repair damages that may have occurred on the pipes.

Leaking Pipes

It tends to be challenging to identify leaking pipes. They’re a huge problem when left unrepaired. Moisture may build up and this may lead to structural damages to your building. We can replace or patch any piping problems that you may be having.

Leaking Taps

It’s often annoying to have leaking taps even before you start realizing the amount of water going to waste. If you fail to repair leaking taps quickly, your water bills may increase significantly. We can send our expert to fix any problematic taps.

Burst Pipes

If one of your pipes has burst, then this is an emergency that can’t wait for long. Burst pipes can lead to lots of damage to your building and excessive water wastage. Thus, you’ll want such problems fixed right away. Simply avail our round the clock services to assist you repair burst pipes as soon as possible.

Repairing Showers

A shower is a very important fixture in a home. If it has some problems, then it can lead to major inconveniences. In case you notice that the water pressure in your home is abnormal, or the pipes are making some strange noises, then call us to send a licensed plumber to check the issue and fix it. In the event that your shower head requires replacement, we have a wide range of great options based on your needs and personal preference.

Hot Water Repair and Installation

A home without a hot water installation is challenging to reside in, especially during winter when you really need a hot shower to start your day. Regardless of the time of the day, we can always send one of our team members within no time. We’re punctual at what we do and we’ll get your problematic hot water working as soon as possible. Also, we can do hot water installations as soon as you need one.

It’s often challenging to choose the ideal system for hot water for your house. There are many options to choose from and different options are suitable for different homes. We will assist you with advice on the most suitable option for your home. This includes the heating mechanism you need and the best way for powering the chosen system. We have qualified staff personnel who can install the system and maintain it as needed.

Leaking Roofs

There are several reasons that can cause roof leaks. Whichever kind of roof leak problem you may be facing, we can handle it immediately. Whether it’s an issue to do with the gutter or blocked drains, our team can fix it quickly.

Relining Pipes

Relining pipes is a job that requires advanced skills. This process makes it possible to fix pipes without having to replace them. This kind of treatment allows pipes to remain functional for more years to come. Relining pipes is more economical than replacement. Moreover, we have the required skills to do a great pipe relining job.

Toilet Flushing Issues and Clogs

It’s quite embarrassing and disgusting when your toilet develops flushing and clog issues, especially when you have visitors around. In case your toilet is damaged beyond repair, we’ll assist you in finding and installing a great replacement for your home.

Installing and Maintaining Gas Lines

Gas lines are extremely dangerous installations. They should remain functional at all times without any problems.  the expertise to install, maintain and repair all types of gas fixtures safely. You can also use our service for setting up products that use gas.

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation

When renovating your kitchen or bathroom, piping may be exposed and it will require protection. We can re-allocate and look after the pipes to ensure they can get fixed with the new installations.

Dishwasher Installation

We know the most ideal dishwasher option suitable for your needs and how we can ensure it gets proper drainage. We’ll also assist you in determining the best area to set it up to ensure it works effectively while still being easy to access for any repairs and maintenance.

Fridge Installation

Most new fridges dispel cold water or ice. Thus, they need plugging into the plumbing system in your home. We can assist you in this installation task to give you a chance to enjoy all the unique benefits that come with modern fridges.

We acknowledge the fact that customers always want services that make a difference. That’s why we try and offer services of the highest standards. Moreover, we’re insured and fully licensed, combined with many years of experience. We’ve served thousands of households and business premises over the years. No task is too challenging for us to handle. We also offer charges upfront to allow you to know the amount you’ll be paying.

We only use cutting edge equipment and technologies to ensure the job done will last for many years to come. With our 24-hour service, it means that you can contact us any time to have your problem fixed as soon as possible. We have experts who can easily repair and maintain hot water installations, drains, pipes and more such installations any time.

Wherever you’re located in Sydney, we’ll always send someone from our company to attend to you quickly. All our workers are fully equipped and experienced to handle issues regardless of how small or big they might be.

Hospitality Industry

Plumbing issues in the hospitality industry can lead to downtime that can impact on your business negatively. Leaking taps, toilets or sinks would be visible to your customers and will leave a negative impression about your business premise. Spending too much time worrying about such issues will cost you more. Thus, hire use to assist you in solving the problem immediately.

Be it the stoves, ovens or bathrooms, our professional team has all the required equipment and skills to install and repair any hospitality installations for your business. We also have the expertise to install gas appliances and sinks for kitchens and cold storage room installations for goods that require frozen storage.

Why Choose Fast Plumbers?

Reliable Team

We’re reliable in the sense that we arrive promptly and do our work professionally. We do everything to the highest standards. Also, we know you don’t have any time to waste. Thus, we serve you with high quality services in the shortest time possible and exceed your expectations.

24/7 Emergency Plumber

Sydney plumbing problems can occur any time, especially when you least expect. Such emergencies require immediate attention, and that’s why we’re available on a 24-hour basis to ensure you’re served whenever you need assistance.

Upfront Pricing

We charge fees based on the specific job rather than by hours. We only deal with obligation free quotes to assure you of the price you’ll pay before any work starts. In case anything changes as the work progresses, you’ll be informed and allowed to choose flexible options on the way forward. We don’t have any hidden charges, thus you can always rest assured knowing that you’ll be dealing with a genuine company.

Service Guarantee

You’ll be guaranteed of a job done well the very first time and all other times. In the event that you’re not fully satisfied with the work done, we can always send our plumber to come back to finish the work the way you want without any extra charges.

Responsible and Clean

We’re conscious of your home or business environment and we always respect it and leave it cleaner than we found it. Our Sydney plumbers are highly qualified to ensure that your home or business premise doesn’t get more damages.

Free Inspection

We can always send our technicians to inspect and assess the problem you’re facing for free. Additionally, we’ll give you an upfront, free quote. This way, you’ll be guaranteed of getting professional inspection and an effective solution.

Stress-Free Solutions

Our team is considerate and friendly to our clients regardless of the situation. We understand that plumbing issues are annoying and being attended by an unprofessional or rude plumber would only add to the annoyance. Our friendly experts serve you professionally and in a warm, kind way to your satisfaction.

Reputation For High Quality Work

We’re known as the leading and most renowned company in the area. We’ve built a strong reputation over many years for professional and prompt services with focus on delivering the best quality work within little time.

You’ll be assured of working with professionals who never compromise on the kind of work we do. Moreover, we don’t cut corners while working and our team of experts are professionally trained to be time efficient and friendly. Thus, dealing with us assures you of a pleasant and great experience from the time work commences until completion.

It goes without saying that plumbing problems are the worst home maintenance issues to go through. These problems are complicated to handle. Moreover, they may lead to wetness throughout the space, not forgetting the damage that water may do to your home if not repaired.

We fully understand the kind of frustration that you can go through in case your home or business has plumbing problems. We’re determined to fix these problems any time for we love what we do. Whether the problem involves a hot water installation, dishwashers, drains or toilets, we always have a qualified technician who’s eager to come and serve you efficiently.

Our wide range of services cover all you would ever need in plumbing. We also train our plumbers to ensure they’re up to date on the latest technologies and skills.

Our customer reviews will surely tell you that we’ve hundreds of fully satisfied customers based on the reliable and timely service we offered them.

Thus, in case you need to learn more about our services, simply contact our plumber Sydney experts. As you’ve seen, there are tons of reasons why you should choose us. We’ll be eager to serve you any time you need assistance.

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