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6 Easy Tips for Unclogging the Toilet without Using a Plunger

Dealing with clogged toilets is extremely stressful. It actually feels horrible to fix the toilet whenever it gets clogged.

The toilet is constantly used on a daily basis, making it prone to clogging. Luckily, there are some easy home hacks that make it easier to unclog a toilet.

unclogging a toilet without using a plunger

Well, in case your toilet gets clogged and you can’t get a toilet plunger immediately, there are some tricks you can try to get it unclogged.

Try these genius hacks to avoid a mess in your bathroom whenever the toilet clogs and can’t drain water.

Plain hot water

Pour some hot water (around 10 to 12 cups) into the bowl. Allow it to sit in the bowl for some few minutes. Then flush the toilet. Hot water will break up the clog. However, don’t pour boiling water into the bowl as it can crack the porcelain.

Using shampoo

Another easy trick for unclogging the toilet is using hair shampoo. Pour a good amount of hair shampoo in the bowl. Then pour hot water into the bowl with a bucket. Don’t use boiling water. Allow the hot water and shampoo to settle for at least 10 minutes. In case the water starts draining smoothly, then you can flush the toilet. In case the water doesn’t flow, allow the hot water and shampoo to settle for 10 more minutes.

Using dish soap

You can use the liquid form of dish soap just like with the shampoo method above.

Using bleach

In case the toilet is almost overflowing, then you can unclog it with bleach. Pour 2 to 3 cups of a high-quality bleach into the bowl. Then add 1 cup of powder soap. Allow the mixture to settle for at least 5 minutes. Now flush your toilet.

Wire hanger method

Take a sturdy wire hanger and uncoil it fully. It should be long enough and straight to go through the drain. Once you’ve uncoiled it, put it into the drain. Push it and out severally to disintegrate the clog. Then flush the toilet.

Using a plastic wrap

In case the above options fail to work effectively, you can try using the plastic wrap trick. In this trick, you’ll wrap the toilet bowl with a plastic wrap. Then flush the toilet.

Once the wrap starts bubbling up, force it down. Doing so will create air pressure to push the clog down the drain.

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