8 Important Plumbing Tools Every Homeowner in Sydney Should Have

It’s important to have plumbing tools on hand just in case the toilet overflows or the sink clogs at night, before holding a party, or over the weekend.

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Important Plumbing Tools For Sydney Homeowners

DIY plumbing in Sydney demands proper skills and the right plumbing tools to get the job done right. You can easily fix a plumbing problem in Sydney by having the following tools at home:

  1. Pipe wrench

A pipe wrench is a handy tool when dealing with threaded plumbing fittings and fixtures. It allows for leverage and a tight grip when loosening or tightening joints, pipes, fixtures, and other plumbing parts.

You can invest in one pipe wrench for holding and gripping and another for turning purposes.

  1. Sink snake

A sink snake/sink auger is a tool used to remove clogs from the tub or sink drain. It works by breaking down solid matter into tinier pieces that can be removed from the drain.

  1. Toilet Auger

A toilet auger, also referred to as a closet auger, functions like a regular sink snake, but is designed for use with toilets.

A toilet auger breaks up clogs in the toilet drain to clear the obstruction causing the blockage without scratching the toilet porcelain.

  1. Plunger

Every home should have a plunger. Plungers are available in different types. Each type of plunger is designed for use with a specific plumbing fixture.

For instance, a cup plunger clears clogs in the sink, shower, and tub drains. On the other hand, a flange plunger clears toilet clogs.

  1. Screwdrivers

You probably have several screwdrivers lying around your house. There’re several different types and sizes of screws that you’d need to remove during plumbing repairs. Thus, you should have screwdrivers in several sizes and shapes.

  1. Caulking gun

Typically, this gun features a trigger and a metallic frame. It’s used to hold and apply caulk for sealing seams, especially when working with sinks and tubs. Caulk is made of either latex or silicon. It’s used in bonding a wide variety of materials.

  1. Washers and faucet packing

Keeping washers and faucet packing handy will assist you to attend to plumbing emergencies involving faucets. You can use them to fix a loose tub faucet or a leaking tap.

  1. Hacksaw

A hacksaw is a versatile tool. It’s used for cutting through plastic pipes, metal pipes, bolts and nuts, screws, and other hardware.

Ensure the hacksaw blade is firmly in place before making tough cuts. Also, keep extra hacksaw blades in your toolbox. If possible, buy different types of saws for different plumbing repairs.

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