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8 Most Frequently Occurring Plumbing Problems in Liverpool

An average homeowner in Liverpool comes across a lot of problems in their households such as gas fittings, electrical issues, and more often than not, a plumbing problem.

On average, a homeowner faces a plumbing problem which requires the assistance of a plumber in Liverpool around three to four times a year.

Most people start questioning the problems that they do face and wonder if they are the only ones facing that problem.

common plumbing problems in liverpool nsw

There are hundreds of plumbing-related issues; however, the eight stated below are the ones which plumbers and technicians say are faced by them the most.

  1. Leaking Taps/Faucets

This is by far the most common plumbing related problem faced by almost everyone. Often, you would turn a tap off completely only to notice that drops of water are still leaking out of it. It may seem insignificant at first glance, but it is one of the leading causes of water wastage.

A leaking faucet not only wastes the water in the world, but it is also losing a significant amount of water in your household! You need to address this problem as quickly as it comes to your notice.

  1. Faulty pipes

A faulty pipe means the pipes that are leaky or dripping water. This problem is mostly reported during the winter season but could be faced all year around. A leaky pipe can severely damage the ceilings and the walls of your home and are often very costly to get fixed if the problem is not addressed immediately. Pipes mostly leak from the joints. So it is necessary to keep a check on those areas now and then.

  1. Running taps/showers in Bathrooms

Running taps/showers in bathrooms & toilets waste the most water in your home and also significant damage, which is more often than not expensive to get fixed. Research shows that a faulty bathroom can waste up to 200 gallons of water per day!

  1. Insignificant water pressure

Sometimes when a tap is turned on, the water that comes out of it seems scarce. This problem is faced mainly in old houses. It could be an indication that one needs to change their bathroom interior as the current one is worn out or a sign of a hidden leak.

  1. Dripping Hose bib

This problem is faced after the passing of fall and winter season. After the cold, a hose bib could very well start to crack and become leaky, which is why this problem is faced very commonly during springs and summers. However, this is an avoidable problem as there are frost-free hose bibs available on the market and is an excellent investment to avoid future problems.

  1. Congested Drains

Blocked drains can hinder the flow of water and are very unsanitary to a home. Plumbers suggest that it is essential to avoid any over the drain cleaners and it is best if one gets it cleaned by a plumber manually!

  1. Pumping

A heavy monsoon or rainy season can affect your sump pump and cause it to fail.

  1. Geysers

People enjoy hot showers; water that comes to the house is usually cold and is heated by water heaters or geysers. The average life of a water heater is eight to twelve years, depending on its routine maintenance.

If ever faced by any of these issues, you can contact Fast Plumbers at 1300 481 182!

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