It can be quite frustrating to have a faulty shower faucet in your home for obvious reasons. Moreover, a faulty showerhead or shower faucet can lead to huge losses.

For instance, if the showerhead or faucet is leaking, then you’re wasting a lot of water daily. Besides the water wastage, you might also be wasting energy if the leakage is emerging from your hot water supply.

Luckily, it’s quite easy to replace these shower components as long as you’re doing it the right way.

shower faucet repair

Causes of a Dripping Showerhead or Leaking Shower Faucet

If your showerhead is dripping, then it means the shower valve or faucet is faulty. Maybe the inner rubber seals are worn out or some parts are clogged or corroded with mineral deposits.

Also, the rubber gaskets and O-rings used in sealing metallic components of the faucet can wear down over time, thereby allowing water to leak through the valve.


How to Fix a Leaking Shower Faucet

If you notice that water is dripping from the showerhead, start with tightening the faucet handle with your hands as tight as possible.

However, avoid over-tightening the handle. If you crank it, you’ll only worsen the problem as you may damage some faucet components.

When fixing a leaking shower faucet, start with placing some rags around the shower area, in the bathtub, and beneath the faucet being repaired.

Doing so will prevent small faucet components from falling over into the drain. Also, shut off the bathroom water supply before fixing the shower faucet.

The valve should be located somewhere within the bathroom along the water supply line. If you fail to find a dedicated valve for your bathroom, then shut off the main water supply to your home.


Fixing a Leaking Shower Faucet with Two Handles

Some showers feature a faucet with two handles. One of the handles is used for hot water whereas the other one is used for cold water. Faucets that have two handles are known as compression faucets.

If your compression faucet is leaking, then it’s probably due to a worn-out washer or rubber seal. In this case, you should disassemble the entire faucet and replace any defective seals and washers.


Fixing a Loose Faucet Handle

In case your faucet handle feels loose, then you need to fix it by tightening the screw on the handle. The location of the screw may depend on the type of faucet.

In some faucets, you’ll access the screw after taking off a metallic cover at the central area of the faucet handle. In other faucet designs, you’ll find the screw around the base area of the faucet handle.

Use an adjustable wrench to tighten it. In case tightening it doesn’t fix the problem, then your handle is worn out and needs replacement.


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