The kind of toilet paper you’ll choose for your home can be good or bad for your plumbing. If your drainage system is connected to a private septic tank, then flushing plush products down the drain would be a terrible idea.

You might have to call in a local plumbing company in Sydney, and may have to incur huge costs to repair the damages they can cause.

ecofriendly toilet paper

Avoid Falling for Commercials

In most cases, stay away from toilet paper brands that are advertised as ultra-soft. The adverts are well-crafted to catch your attention, but probably the product will end up causing problems to your plumbing.

While you may not notice any problems at first, flushing thick tissue down the drain may affect its effectiveness over time.

The problem can further escalate into the septic tank. Consequently, the drainage will clog and render the entire sewage system useless.


Avoid New Wooden Fibers

You can save trees by staying away from non-recycled wooden materials. As a result, you’ll also save your plumbing from blockage and even worse damage.

In case the tissue paper has little or no recycled consumer fiber, then it’s not ideal for disposal in your plumbing system.


Stay Away From Quilted and Soft Products

You’ll often find most tissue paper products touting quilted or soft features. If you want the best for your plumbing, avoid such products.

Plush and soft means something that is thick and has the potential to expand. The plumbing system is supposed to degrade tissue paper. If it expands within the drain pipes, it can clog them and cause expensive repairs.

Also, some tissue paper products contain softening agents, bleaches, and oils. Such extra products can further damage your plumbing.


Not All Products Labeled Flushable Are Truly Flushable

Some products are labeled flushable. However, that’s not always true. For instance, wipes are often labeled as flushable but they cause worse problems than plush tissue paper.

They’re a major cause of most plumbing clogs. If you don’t want to have plumbing headaches, then avoid using such products.


Go For Affordable Products

Products deemed as safe for the septic system are truly safe for all kinds of plumbing systems. In most cases, brands that don’t have a big name manufacture products that do little or no harm to the plumbing system for they break down easily.

Even big brands that offer deluxe tissue paper hardly have products that are ideal for plumbing. Thus, go for affordable products that are made of recycled materials to keep your plumbing system protected.


Go Green

Generally, eco-friendly tissue paper made of recycled wood fibers is the best for plumbing. They’re also better for keeping the environment protected.

Fully biodegradable toilet paper is the most advisable option to use in your plumbing for it dissolves easily and does little or no damage to the plumbing and the environment. Actually, some campsites and RV parks only allow eco-friendly tissue paper.

If you’d like to learn more about safe plumbing practices, contact our Sydney plumbers today.


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