You’ve probably seen a situation where the septic tank or sewer line is backing up wastewater into the yard. It’s the last thing you would want to experience, especially when you’re about to host an event on your yard.

Maybe you’ve even seen it happen in a movie scene when a wedding is about to take place. In reality, this is a serious problem that needs immediate attention.

Raw sewage, besides being unpleasant, is a major health hazard. Repairing the sewer system can be quite costly.

You should contact a plumber as soon as you notice a problem with your sewer system. Problems with the sewer system cannot go away on their own.


sewer leak in yard

Identifying the Cause

In most cases, issues with a private septic system have to be dealt with at the cost of the owner. If you own a septic system, then contact a local septic company to visit your property and assess the situation.

If you’re served by a local council septic system, then you should determine whether the problem is within or outside your home. Check with your neighbors and ask them whether they’re experiencing similar problems.

In case they have similar problems, then the blockage is probably along the main sewer line. In this case, contact your local council sewer department for assistance.

However, if the problem is within your home plumbing system, then it’ll be upon you to hire a plumber to do the necessary repairs.


Contacting the Health Department

Raw sewage is extremely awful and is a major health hazard. Exposure to open sewage can lead to serious health conditions such as diarrhea and hepatitis.

Never attempt to go near an area that has open sewage. Instead, contact your area’s health department to assist with the issue.

In most instances, they’ll send inspectors to your home to do a risk assessment. The cause of the problem will determine the actions that will be taken to fix it.

For instance, the local authorities may find it necessary to oversee a sewer cleanup or assist you with information about hiring a qualified cleaning service. They might also assist you with instructions on cleaning the sewer spill yourself.


Posting the Area

Upon noticing a sewer spill, protect your pets by chaining them away from that area or keeping them indoors. Keep the affected area cordoned off.

Place clear warning signs around the cordoned area to ensure people stay away from the affected area. Only step into an area that has open sewage upon putting on the right safety gear.

Never attempt burying the affected area with soil. Doing so will cover the leak and raw sewage will back up from the sewer line into your home.


Conserving Water

You should conserve water during the repair process. If the septic tank is overflowing or a sewer line is leaking, flushing the toilet or running water or using the garbage disposal will only worsen the problem.

If the situation is severe, it’ll help to leave your home until all the repairs are done.


Calling Your Insurance Agent

It’ll help to check whether your insurance has covered you for sewer damage. Coverage on sewer problems might be available in some areas.

In most instances, such coverage is bought separately from the main policy. However, it won’t hurt to check whether you’re already covered.


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