It’s essential for every kitchen to have a functional sink. The sink makes it easier to wash dishes and clean vegetables and fruits.

It’s also used for holding countless items. However, kitchen sinks are often dirt and germ-infested. Although it might look clean, that’s not the case.


woman disinfecting the sink


Most homeowners assume that the kitchen sink becomes clean after washing dishes in it with soapy water. Although soapy water cleans it a little bit, typical dishwashing soaps don’t eliminate germs.

The sink surface and the sink drain are a great environment where germs thrive. The drain actually hosts all kinds of germs for it is hardly cleaned. Luckily, it’s possible to disinfect the sink drain. Here’s how to go about it.


Cleaning the Sink with Bleach

Bleach is commonly used in most households. It’s a chemical and is used for many purposes. However, most homeowners overlook it and don’t like using it. Although it’s a strong and effective cleaner, it also comes with a strong smell.

Bleach is an effective sink cleaner. It kills all kinds of germs and disinfects the sink surface alongside the drain pipe. To use bleach, fill the sink with lukewarm water. Then add bleach.

Use a piece of cloth to wipe down all the surfaces you want to sanitize. Don’t forget to sanitize the handles and faucets.


wiping down the faucet of a sink


You should sanitize the sink once every week, or more often if possible, to eliminate harmful bacteria from the sink and the drain.

Most homeowners tend to overlook their sink while cleaning other parts of their home. You should include the sink in your regular cleaning routine. Thus, don’t leave out any sink from your cleaning list.


Disinfecting the Sink Naturally

In case you dislike using harsh chemicals like bleach when cleaning, there are alternative methods you can use for cleaning the sink. You can use natural methods to clean and disinfect the drain.

Some of the best natural cleaning products you can use are hydrogen and vinegar. They clean thoroughly despite being natural.

If you want to clean hard surfaces like the bathroom or kitchen sink, simply spray the surfaces with vinegar. Then spray it with hydrogen peroxide having at least three percent concentration level. Allow the two products to sit on the surface and dry naturally. Doing so will disinfect the sink naturally.


Maintaining the Sink and the Sink Drain Regularly

It’s important to sanitize the sink in your laundry room, bathroom, and kitchen. By cleaning your sinks in your list of regular home improvement and maintenance, you’ll get a clean home without the nasty problems that come with germs.

When cleaning your sinks, remember the drains are home to lots of germs. Thus, clean them regularly. You can prevent the buildup of dirt in the sink drain by using a combination of natural products such as boiling water, baking soda, salt, and vinegar. If dirt is allowed to buildup in the drain, it will eventually clog the drain.


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