Airlock problems in sewer lines can make the sewer system useless. The sewer system would only regain its usefulness upon fixing the airlock problems.

Airlocks occur anywhere within the sewer lines. In your home’s wastewater is discarded through the sewer pipes, then the airlock problem will most likely occur within the sewer.

fixing air locks in a sewer line pipe


In case your sewer system has an airlock problem, the first measure you should take is to find out where the problematic airlock is located.

You can start by checking the bathroom and kitchen sinks. Also, check the sump pump and toilets.

Once you’ve checked those areas, proceed to check your sewer line. In some cases, the airlock problem might only be in your hot water supply line.

The best way to go about it is to start by ruling out the likely locations of the problem before opening up any sewer traps. Once you locate the airlock, open the nearby trap to clear it.


Here’s how to locate and clear an airlock problem:

Step 1

The first step you should take is to check the sink. In case the sink has individual faucets for cold and hot water, attach a hosepipe to connect the two separate taps.

Next, open the sink’s hot water faucet, followed by the cold water faucet. This way, cold water from the sink will force its way through your hot water pipe and clear the airlock.

If the sink has one faucet, and it mixes both the cold and hot water, then place a piece of absorbent cloth over the faucet’s spout.

Next, run the sink’s cold water for it to flow back through the pipe. In case this works, water from the cold line will force its way into the pipes that supply hot water, thereby clearing the problematic airlock.

When trying out either of these solutions, allow the sink’s cold water line to run for two minutes. Then allow the sink’s hot water line to run for another two minutes.

Doing so will ensure that the airlock problem is cleared. In case this solution fails to clear the problem, then work on your toilet.

As for the toilet, start with emptying the toilet bowl. You can drain it by bailing the water. Then use a piece of cloth to dry out any water that may be left behind.

Next, pour water into the bowl with a bucket. In case the water fails to go down, proceed to work on the drain line. If water goes down the toilet drain and the branch drain, but there seems to be a blockage somewhere further down, then check the sump pump for the airlock problem.


Step 3

To clear an airlock in your sump pump, start with drilling a small hole on the discharge hose. The hole should be angled upward.

The hole will work as a relief hole. Next, pour some water directly into the crock. Check whether the problem is solved. If not, work on the main sewer line.


Step 4

Locate the sewer line cleanout trap. Place a bucket below the cleanout trap to collect any waste matter that may come out.

Open the trap with a pipe wrench. Remove any obstructions in the sewer line. Close the cleanout trap upon clearing the obstructions.


Step 5

You should now test your home’s water supply. If the problematic air lock appears to have cleared, allow the water to run for some minutes to ensure it has completely cleared. In case the problem persists, then consult your plumber.


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