How to Investigate and Detect Water Leaks in Your Sydney House

If you ignore water leakage in your house in Sydney, the water may damage the structure and cause massive losses.

Even if the building is made of concrete and steel rather than wood, water can still damage it significantly. In fact, leaking water can flow to the basement and foundation.

If there’s a leaking pipe within the roof, water may flow down and find its way into the floors below and the basement.

sydney plumber fixing a water leak

If your basement becomes waterlogged, there will be lots of damage and your only option will be calling for professional help.

Even an experienced and fully equipped plumber may not be in a position to undo the extensive damage that water can cause in the basement.

If you suspect or notice water leaks anywhere within your house, call a top rated plumber in Sydney to detect any leak and attend to it before it causes severe damage. If you delay having the issue fixed, you may experience several problems including:

  1. Increased water bills

Today, water is scarcer around the globe than in the past. Consequently, water bills have increased significantly.

Thus, any water leak within your property will increase the amount of water that gets wasted daily. Until you fix the leak, you’ll experience increased water bills.

Higher bills can be quite a headache, especially when having financial problems. Sometimes, your financial situation may not allow you to invest in further waterproofing treatment.

  1. Decreased efficiency of the water heater

It’s quite challenging to survive the cold weather without warm water. It’s during cold weather that water heaters work harder to provide you with warm water. However, water leaks in the hot water supply pipes can decrease the efficiency of the water heater.

Even raising the heater temperature won’t help much since water will continue leaking through the affected pipe. Consequently, you won’t get warm water and you’ll also suffer from increased water and electricity bills.

  1. Increased maintenance costs

Leaking water affects most of the things that come in its way. If water seeps into the floor and walls, it can cause irreversible damage.

Also, there can be fire hazards if leaking water comes into contact with electric cables and power outlets. Such problems can strain your pockets. Maintaining a house whose structure is compromised by leaking water can be quite costly.

  1. Compromises the structure of a building

Leaking water can weaken the structure of a building. It causes damage by weakening steel, wood, concrete, or any other construction material used in building a house. Also, waterlogging and constant humidity can corrode metals in the structure.

Also, any wood can swell and start rotting. If the structural integrity of the building is affected, its lifespan will be reduced significantly.

As a result, it won’t be safe to continue living in the house, especially during winter or the rainy season.

  1. Compromises one’s life quality

Leaking water promotes a good environment for mildew and mold to grow. Mildew and mold are colored stains that form once a building starts rotting.

They’re mostly found in the basement that has water leakage. If they develop and are left unattended, they can encourage bacteria to thrive in them.

The bacteria release harmful toxins that affect air quality. Consequently, residents of the affected building can develop breathing problems and other allergies upon breathing the hazardous toxins.

  1. Health issues

Besides mildew and mold, there’re other health issues that can result from water leakage. For instance, leaking water raises the humidity level within a building.

In case the floors are carpeted, the carpet will soak the humidity. It’ll eventually become soggy. As a result, residents of the building will live in an uncomfortable environment and risk developing breathing and skin problems.

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