How to Make Your Plumbing in Sydney Pet-Proof

Many homeowners in Sydney love keeping pets. Anyone who loves pets makes them part of their family. However, they’re often mischievous.

Sometimes, you’ll find them chewing on your favorite shoe or toys, or scratching your furniture and floors. Although they don’t mean to cause damage, they can as well mess with the plumbing system in your Sydney home.

pet proof your plumbing in sydney

The damage they cause on the plumbing isn’t readily apparent. Thus, you won’t realize it until the damage is major. Luckily, it’s possible to keep your pets and pipes happy.

Here’re some tips that can assist you to make your Sydney home plumbing pet-proof.

Clean Pets Outdoors

No one wants pets covered in dirt and mud to get to their bed or a favorite couch. Thus, it’s important to bath your pets before they get to your coach or the bed. However, you should bath them outdoors to keep the dirt outside.

Bathing your pet in the sink, shower, or bathtub can case dirt, mud, or other materials to get washed down the drainage. The materials may collect in the drain and cause unwanted clogs.

Always clean your pet outdoors, maybe on the driveway or patio. That way, you’ll keep your house and pet clean. Also, your plumbing will be safe.

If you have to rinse your favorite pet in the sink, then you should use a sink drain stopper. The stopper will collect hair and dirt and prevent it from flowing down the drainage where it can cause a serious clog.

Cover any exposed pipes

While it’s quite frustrating to find that your favourite shoe or toy is chewed-up by your furry friend, it’d be worse to find out that your industrious dog has chewed and damaged several exposed pipes in your home in Sydney.

You’d have to dig deeper into your pocket to repair the damages. Chewed pipes can easily tear or rip open, thereby cause unwanted leaks. Also, the pipes might be harmful to the health of your furry friend.

You can prevent such plumbing damages and protect the health of your pet by covering the pipes. You can talk to plumbing experts about the best materials that can cover your pipes without making the space look unsightly.

Keep the lid of your toilet closed

While allowing pets to drink from your toilet won’t damage the plumbing, you should keep your toilets pet-proofed to protect your pets.

While pets may desire to drink water from the toilet bowl, residual cleaning chemicals and bacteria would be harmful to the health of your pet. Also, smaller pets might fall over into the bowl and cause a mess or even drown.

If you’re struggling to keep pets away from your toilet, ensure the lid is kept close after every use. That way, your pets won’t be tempted to drink the harmful toilet water and smaller ones will be protected from falling into the bowl.

Avoid flushing non-flushable items

It’s convenient and understandable to dispose of kitty litter by flushing it down your toilet. Actually, some litter packaging comes with a “flushable” label on them.

However, regardless of the “flushable” label on some litter products, you shouldn’t flush them. Litter can clog the toilet and demand professional assistance to unclog it. You should only flush human waste or toilet paper and nothing else.

Be cautious about where your pet dog digs

Water and sewer lines should run deep under the ground to prevent dogs from reaching them when digging.

However, some pipes may be shallow such that they can easily get pierced, torn, or tipped and cause major leaks and damages.

In case your dog loves digging, it’ll help to call in a technician to come and mark where the plumbing lines are passing through. That way, you’ll know where to keep off your dog from digging.

Don’t allow your furry friends to damage your plumbing. That way, you’ll keep your plumbing and their health safe.

If you’re faced with plumbing issues resulting from your pets, call Fast Plumbers through 1300 481 182 for prompt assistance. We serve homeowners throughout Sydney. Contact us today to come and discuss your best options in pet-proofing your plumbing in Sydney.