The last thing any homeowner wants is dealing with blocked toilets. A blocked toilet is a big headache for any homeowner. Everyone needs a functional toilet at all times.

If the toilet is clogged, it can back up when flushed, leading to an unhygienic mess. Moreover, you may have to hire a company offering reliable plumbing services in Sydney to unclog serious toilet clogs, and this can be expensive.

Besides the aforementioned concerns, you wouldn’t like using harsh and toxic products when unclogging your toilet. Luckily, you can try safer and more affordable solutions by yourself.

For instance, you can use salt to unclog your toilet and save yourself the costs of hiring a plumber. After all, some plumbers recommend salt as a good method of unclogging toilets.

unclogging a toilet using salt


Baking Soda and Table Salt

One of the most effective and safest options for unblocking a clogged toilet is using table salt. Salt is generally inexpensive and readily available. You can use salt together with other products to unclog stubborn toilet drains.

For this method, mix half a cup of baking soda into half a cup of table salt. Pour the mixture directly into your toilet bowl. Next, add 6 cups of hot water while stirring the contents in the toilet bowl slowly.

While doing so, avoid splashing hot water on yourself to avoid burns. Allow the solution to settle in the bowl overnight or for at least eight hours. Next, plunge the toilet to dislodge the clog.

Pour more boiling water down the toilet drain. Hot water works by loosening the clog whereas baking soda and salt break down the clog before flushing it down the drain.


Rock Salt

Another option you can use to unclog your toilet is rock salt. Most plumbers actually recommend using rock salt to eliminate clogs and maintain the toilet drain after unclogging it. To use this product, take a cup of the rock salt and put it in a bucket.

Add two gallons of hot water. Allow the salt to get dissolved completely. Pour the solution into your toilet bowl. Once done, allow the solution to settle overnight or for at least eight hours. Then flush the toilet. You can use this method as a monthly toilet maintenance solution.


Tree Roots

Tree roots tend to infiltrate underground pipes. You can use rock salt as a green method to eliminate the roots. It works by choking them until they dry off.

This method is effective when the roots haven’t grown excessively to the extent of blocking the pipes. Rock salt deters future toilet clog issues as it continues acting as a weed and root killer. Thus, treat the drain bi-annually to deal with the issue of tree roots in your drain.


Toilet Maintenance

The best way to keep your toilet running smoothly is by carrying out regular toilet maintenance practices. Preventive measures are always better than dealing with toilet problems.

You can treat your toilet weekly using a mixture of a cup of baking soda, a ¼ cup of tartar cream, and a cup of table salt. Allow the mixture to settle for around 15 seconds. Then pour a cup of water (cold) into the toilet drain.

Besides this combination, flush the toilet with hot water every week to prevent clogs from developing in the drain and to ensure your toilet is odor-free.


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