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Interesting Facts About The Balmain Market

There is something for everyone, which is what they say that the Balmain Market located in Sydney, Australia. Although at first, it may seem like it is just some sort of ordinary market, its history goes way back.

The Balmain market stands on the St Andrews Congregational Church ground which was built back in 1853. It is truly historical and monumental to the locals here in Balmain.

To the people, it is not just a market but has become their home, and for others, it’s a deeply rooted tradition of Australia.

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You are to find everything and anything on the market, whether it be artwork, food, clothes, etc. The place gives you a surreal glimpse into the lives, tradition, and ancestry of the people in Australia.

The Balmain market has been standing well over 40 years. It was first established when the locals in Sydney came up with the idea of forming the Balmain Association, which would consist of a yearly event, right before Christmas. It was formally known as the arts and crafts sale and was held at The Watch House.

This concept gained popularity quickly, and the Balmain Association turned into the Balmain village in 1974. In 1976 the market made other progress by passing the popularity of the Watch House itself.

Eve Chapman and Louis Butler were the ones who proposed the idea of turning this into a community market in 1977, and so the trading began and with it, the market’s rich history.

Throughout the years, the market saw many ups and downs. The most significant one being when Reverend Allan was chosen to be the Moderator of the Congregational Federation of Australia and New Zealand.

This post would require him to travel a lot and would not allow him to focus on the market. So he passed on this responsibility to future caretakers in 2011 who’s ideologies differed severely from that of Allan’s.

This was one of the darkest times the market had ever seen. It had lost its shareholders and was on the edge of being shut down. This happened for three years, from 2011-2014.

Allan took back control over the market in 2015 and was determined to get it back on track. With the support of his wife and other family members, along with some loyal stallholders, he bought back the market to what it was initially known for and much more.

These grounds now not only have a market but also provide safe spaces for the homeless and the less fortunate. They help them out by providing them with free meals and shelters.

They are also known for their charity work and their immense efforts to help those in need. The market has seen beautiful changes over 40 years and continues to stand strong. It gives you an essence of the rich culture in every form in its full glory.

The market is open on the second and fourth Saturday of every month from 09:00AM-03: 00 PM and also on the fifth Saturday if it is a five-week month.

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