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Having a plumbing emergency? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered! Our plumber Sydney team is available on a 24 hour basis, thus you’ll never have to wait whenever you need assistance.

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Expert Residential Sydney Plumbers

Our expert plumber Sydney team services with the aim of ensuring that your home is always a healthy and safe place to live in. Besides dealing with general maintenance plumbing issues and Sydney emergency services, we also deal with burst pipes, leaking taps, kitchen sink blocked drains, roof leaks, gas fitting, gas leak detection, hot water repairs and more in residential plumbing Sydney services.

Commercial Services Sydney Wide

Our Sydney plumber has experience in all areas of building, hospitality, strata and commercial plumbing services. Our plumber Sydney team ensures that the entire strata building gets proper piping and draining. We also assist pubs, clubs and restaurants with their general plumbing repair needs.

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    Affordable Rates by Local Plumber Sydney

    Our plumber Sydney technicians are aware that a local plumbing problem like fixing shower taps, a blocked drain, hot water systems, leaking water pipe, burst pipe, water filters, gas hot water heaters, bathroom plumbing, or getting rid of tree roots, can occur any time anywhere. They often come as a surprise when you least expect. To make matters worse, neglecting these problems may lead into bigger problems later on that may require an emergency plumbing solution.

    Emergency plumbing needs could end up being expensive. The last thing you would want is getting more stressed by wasting time with poor plumber Sydney services. Regardless of where you reside in Sydney, if it’s a Sydney emergency call, our reliable plumbers in Sydney are ready to send local plumbers to handle your local plumbing problem such as hot water systems or a blocked drain within the shortest time possible.

    Our plumber Sydney team is highly experienced and trained. We get everything done right, fix the problem on time and clean up the area at the end of the day, thereby leaving your area much better than we actually found it.

    It’s never your choice as to when a disaster occurs. That’s why our Sydney plumber services are available all day for domestic and commercial plumbing. Whether it’s your commercial property or home, we’ll have arrived on time with our local plumbing service. No call out fees.

    We highly recommend our plumbing service for commercial and residential properties. Be it hot water systems, new gas appliances or unclog a toilet bowl, we can deal with all kinds of jobs.

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    Our Services


    Leaking Taps


    Leaking/Burst Pipes


    Shower Repairs


    Roof Plumbing


    Unclog Toilets

    Why Choose Fast Plumbers?

    Dependable Team

    Our licensed plumbers in Sydney offer a professional and reliable on time service. We are always on time and get the job done in compliance with Australian plumbing systems and industry standards. No matter how big or small the work is, the Fast Plumbers Sydney emergency team will do everything to the highest standards at our plumbing company. Our plumbing heroes know you don’t have any time to waste. Let us serve you with high quality services and exceed your expectations by doing a great job.

    24/7 Sydney Emergency Plumber

    Sydney plumbers say that an emergency plumbing issue like a burst pipe can occur any time, especially when you least expect. Such a Sydney emergency requires immediate attention, and that’s why you’ll find a professional plumber in Sydney providing 24 hour emergency services when needed.

    Upfront Pricing

    Our plumbers Sydney charge fees based on specific plumbing services rather than by hours. We highly recommend you give us a call to contact us for obligation free quotes for our plumber Sydney jobs to assure you of the price you’ll pay before any work starts. Payment options available. In case anything changes as the work progresses, you’ll be informed and allowed to choose flexible budget options. Our Sydney plumbing team doesn’t have any call out fees or hidden prices. Call today to book an appointment.

    Great Service Guarantee

    You’ll be guaranteed of a reliable service and a job done well the very first time by our Sydney plumber. If you’re not fully satisfied with our reliable plumbing services in Sydney, we’ll send our 24 hours a day 7 days a week emergency plumber in Sydney to come back to finish the work.

    Responsible and Clean

    Our plumber Sydney team is conscious of your home or work environment and we leave it cleaner than we found it. Our local Sydney plumbers offer quality workmanship and have a commitment to ensure that your home or commercial premise isn’t damaged during emergencies and other plumbing jobs.

    Free Inspection

    It is highly recommended to give our local Sydney plumber a call and we’ll send our technicians in our work vehicles to inspect and assess the problem for free. We’ll give you an upfront, free quote for our plumbing services such as a hot water system installation. You’ll be guaranteed of a professional and reliable inspection and cost effective Sydney plumbing solutions.

    Stress Free Solutions

    Our 24 7 Sydney plumber team is considerate and friendly to our clients regardless of the situation. We understand that a Sydney plumbing issue can be annoying and being attended by an unprofessional or rude Sydney plumber would only add to the stress. Our family friendly experts serve your plumbing needs professionally and in a warm happy manner. Be it gas fitting or a hot water system, we have the required equipment to fix plumbing problems for your business in Sydney.

    Reputation For High Quality Work

    Our fully licensed Sydney plumbers known as one of the leading home and strata plumbing companies in the area. Our plumbing heroes are always on time and have built a strong reputation over many years for professional and prompt best plumber Sydney services with a focus on delivering quality work. We are open 24 hours 7 days a week.

    You’ll be assured of working with Sydney plumber professionals who are fully licensed and insured, and never compromise on the work we do. We don’t cut corners while working and our team of Sydney plumber experts are professionally trained to be time efficient and family friendly. Dealing with us assures you of a pleasant and excellent customer service experience from the time work commences until completion.

    It goes without saying that Sydney plumbing complications such as a dysfunctional hot water system is one the worst home maintenance issues to go through. Whether the trouble involves a hot water heater, hot water system installation, dishwashers, drains or toilets, we always have a qualified technician who’s eager to come and serve you efficiently.

    Our wide range of Sydney plumbing maintenance services cover all you would ever need in plumbing. We train our master plumbers Sydney team to ensure they’re up to date on the latest technology in the plumbing business.

    Sydney wide residents highly recommend us with 5 star reviews on Google. Customer satisfaction is our primary mission. We have hundreds of satisfied clients based on the great plumbing work and great service our plumbing heroes have offered customers, and would recommend us happily. We are proud to be recognised among the best master plumbers in the area. It is highly recommended you work with companies registered with the Master Plumbers Association.

    In case you need to learn more about our 5 star service, simply contact our 24 7 licensed plumber Sydney experts. There are tons of reasons why we would recommend you to choose us. We are servicing Sydney suburbs including the Inner West Suburb, Eastern Suburbs, Western Sydney, Northern Beaches and Lower North Shore regions in NSW. Seniors discount available. Our Sydney plumber will be eager to serve you any time for your plumbing needs.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The overall cost of a commercial or domestic plumbing service depends on the kind of job at hand. We offer fixed pricing before the start of the project.

    We won’t charge you any extra costs regardless of how long the project will take. Fast Plumbers Sydney charges for the entire project rather than hourly pricing. Besides, we will discuss with you all the advantages and disadvantages of every solution we recommend before starting the project.

    That way, you’ll be fully satisfied with the results. We put our best workmanship, skills, and ability when doing any plumbing job.

    Fast Plumbers offers 24/7 emergency plumbing services. Simply call us today through 1300 481 182 any time you have an emergency related to plumbing.

    If you’ve tried to unblock your drain with drain cleaners but the clog is persistent, then it’s likely you’re having a bigger issue than hair, soap, or grease.

    Flushing toiletry items like napkins and foreign objects such as toys and cigarette butts can block the toilet drain once they get stuck down the drain pipes. Also, fallen leaves and outgrown roots can block outdoor drains.

    We use innovative and reliable methods such as a water jetting, drain rods, and CCTV cameras to assess the drain blockage.

    If the water pressure in your taps or appliances is low, then you’re probably having a partially shut valve or a blocked faucet. The issues can also result from leaking or blocked pipes or a problematic irrigation system.

    In case you notice an increased water bill despite normal water usage, then your plumbing system may be leaking. In this case, call us to identify and fix the leak.

    If you notice increasing water bills that you can’t explain, a spinning water meter when you’ve turned off all water fixtures, sounds of flowing water when all taps shut off, or water puddles in the yard, then you probably have a burst supply pipe.

    We can use a leak detector to check for burst pipes. Leak detectors work safely unlike other methods that tend to be destructive.

    If your toilet is running, it might be due to a faulty or broken flapper. The flapper is also known as a tank ball or flush valve. In case it’s faulty or broken, then you need to have it replaced.

    A toilet can also run as a result of problems with the chain mechanism. If the chain is excessively long, it might get caught by the flapper. Consequently, the flapper will fail to close and cause the toilet to run. These problems can be fixed easily.

    Shut off the main valve as soon as you notice a leaking pipe. Clear any mess created by the leaking water and contact us to come and fix the leakage.

    If your toilet isn’t flushing, it’s likely that its flushing mechanism is faulty, the toilet tank isn’t filling, or it’s clogged. Call us to come and check the cause of the problem and repair it.

    There are certain factors you should consider when choosing a water heating system. These factors include:

    • Gas, solar, or electric powered
    • Running costs
    • Initial cost
    • Size
    • Energy efficiency
    • Installation location

    1. An electric water heater is more affordable than other systems, but they consume a lot of electric power, making them expensive to use.

    2. Gas-powered water heaters are more affordable to run than electric heaters and come with a high energy efficiency rating.

    3. Solar-powered water heaters boast of being the most affordable option to run, but their initial cost of installation is quite high.

    4. Heat pumps boast of being more efficient to run than electric water heaters. If you’re lucky to get government rebates when buying heat pumps, then you’ll find them quite affordable.

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