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Reasons to Visit Bondi Beach

Bondi beach evening sunset


1. Exploration

Bondi Beach is known as the most exclusive beaches in Australia; one needs to go there and find out why it holds the title that it does. You can swim as long as you do so between the flags. There is a ton to do here!

2. Surfing

There is a known academy known as Let’s go Surfing which provides you with the best-equipped teachers to learn the art of learning at the Bondi waves. You are ensured to be in safe hands and for regular surfers, it is an experience you shouldn’t miss out on. 

3. Swimming Pool

There is a well equipped swimming pool just at the edge of the ocean, making it look like an infinity pool! This pool is located at the southern end of the Bondi Beach and is super affordable with a price of just $7, which consists of admission and sauna entry. The pool also has sitting arrangements for 200 people to let them enjoy the view and soak under the sun. The pool is filled with lap swimmers who swim against the waves. 

4. Bondi Pavillion

This is a building which was given a more modern look after the redevelopment of the building. This is a heritage-listed item for the people of Bondi. The building includes a café, a theater, and a beautiful art gallery which is accessible to all. The Bondi Pavillion also holds numerous annual events throughout the year which one wouldn’t want to miss out on. 

5. Bondi Markets

The Bondi Market is every shopaholic’s dream come true! These markets are open on Saturday and Sunday and are flooded with both locals and tourists. At the Bondi Market, you will find everything that you are looking for, from clothes to bags to organic food, they have got you covered! 

6. Gertrude and Alice

When one usually thinks of a beach what comes to mind is a land full of sand and hundreds of people running around; well, at Bondi Beach this not all they have to offer. They have got something for everyone and the book-worms, they have a wonderful book shop named Gertrude and Alice which will surely satisfy your craving for a good read. 

7. Cooee Art Gallery

Bondi Beach is known for its galleries; they have some of the best artwork in the world displayed at their gallery. They have artworks of artists like Rover Thomas, Queenie McKenzie, Abie Jangala, Kathleen Petyarre, and many more! This art gallery has over 3000 artworks on display and is a real feast to the eyes. 

8. Graffiti

Bondi’s passion and support for art are not confined to the four walls of an art gallery, the graffiti at the Bondi Beach first came into works in the 1970s, and since then it has witnessed and possessed street art from every corner of the world! 

9. Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk

This is a hiking trail which leads you out of the Beach; it greets you with immaculate views of the beach and is truly one of the most beautiful sights at the beach. This hiking trail is a must to visit or to take a walk at!

10. Sculptures by the Sea

Now, this is a real treat. Sculptures by the sea is one of the most prominent outdoor galleries in the world and have on display the work of some of the most prominent artists in the world. This attraction alone attracts over half a million people every year! 

We hope you enjoyed the above list compiled by our Bondi team.

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