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Safety Tips by Balmain Plumbers to Avoid Heating Emergencies

  1. Power Outlet Overload

People often use extension cords to use or power multiple heating appliances at once. However, this can lead to a fire hazard pretty quickly and could be fatal. People often overuse the extension cords, and the electrical load is too much for the main power outlet to handle, and it can cause a fire. It is best if multiple heavy electrical appliances are not connected by the same extension cord or to the same power outlet.

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  1. Space Heaters

It is a known fact that space heaters cause 74% of fire hazards. They are known to ignite fires if left unattended for long periods. However, they are not unavoidable. It is important to keep space heaters on non-combustible places like a ceramic tile and keep them away from flammable objects or things like curtains, plastic, wooden items, doors, etc. There are automatic space heaters available on the market which shuts down itself in case of minor emergencies itself.

  1. Boiler Space

Boilers or water heaters need their space to breathe. They are incredibly high in temperatures and can fry a person off. The boiler room should be kept clear of any object which is even mildly flammable or can easily be ignited.

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  1. Regular Fire Place Check

A fireplace is used very often in Balmain during winters, and it is essential to keep a check on it. It is vital to clean out your furnace and your fireplace every month during the winter season. Doing this will help get rid of anything or any object that can be reignited or could potentially cause a fire. It is also recommended to get a diffusion screen installed to your fireplace. This will ensure that sparks from the fire do not fall off anywhere or trigger a fire.

  1. Chimney

The chimney is a crucial part of a house and should be kept in check at all times, especially before the fireplace is about to get used. A chimney may have bared some structural damage which can leave out unwanted spaces in between. If these holes are left unattended, then sparks from the fire can escape and cause a potentially dangerous fire to your surroundings.

  1. Water Heaters

Water Heaters are used all the time; you control it from the thermostat. The thermostat controls the temperature and like any other tool, starts to deteriorate after some time. When this starts to happen, the flame heater also starts to act out and become inconsistent. This can lead to some life-threatening fires and cause severe damage to one’s home as well.

  1. Keep a good plumbing service on hand

It is essential to keep a good plumbing service number on hand because emergencies don’t warn before knocking on your door! Luckily, our Balmain plumbers provide amazing plumbing services at an affordable price in Balmain and are readily available. We can be contacted at 1300 481 182 anytime!

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