Signs That Tell It’s Time to Install New Plumbing in Sydney

Are there any pipes causing plumbing problems in your home in Sydney due to aging, damage, or any other issue? Let’s discuss the signs that tell it’s time to replace them with new plumbing.

new plumbing installation in sydney

  1. Reduced water pressure

It’s often challenging to establish the root cause of reduced water pressure in Sydney. For instance, if water from the sink or shower faucet isn’t flowing like it normally does, then you’re probably dealing with a leak or blockage somewhere along the supply pipes.

If the problem is resulting from a leaking pipe, the leaking water can damage the structure and foundation of your home. It can also cause wood rot and mold growth, which lowers the air quality in a home.

If you notice reduced water pressure from a faucet, it’s time to contact a professional plumber to come and assess the situation for proper handling.

  1. Discoloured water

Rural areas, areas facing boil-water orders, and individuals who own wells may see discoloured water occasionally, which isn’t unusual. However, if your water supply comes from the local council, your water shouldn’t de discoloured.

Dark or brown coloured water should be a cause for alarm. It’s mostly caused by corroding supply pipes, meaning your water contains rust. In this case, have your plumbing system inspected as soon as possible by an expert Sydney plumber.

Fixing the issue will prevent the buildup of mineral deposits that may clog the pipes and cause pressure buildup. Excessive pressure buildup can cause the pipes to burst. Corroded pipes may require replacement.

  1. Slow drains

Some drain problems in Sydney are caused by toilet paper or hair clogs while others are caused by serious blockages.

Grease, oils, and fats are some of the most common materials that accumulate in drain pipes and can cause serious blockages in the drainage system. If not fixed, the blockages can damage the drain lines and demand replacement.

  1. Old pipes

Many homeowners in Sydney are hardly aware of the material used in their water supply and drainage pipes. It’s common to find galvanized steel, lead, or cast iron pipes in some older homes.

However, modern pipes are typically made of copper, brass, or PVC. Regardless of the pipe material you choose, they all have a certain lifespan. Consider hiring an expert to replace older pipes with modern ones.

  1. Pipe corrosion

Pipes often corrode as a result of pitting caused by exposure to chlorine and the existence of formaldehyde.

Corrosion due to these reasons often causes small holes to form in water supply pipes. Consequently, the pipes may burst or leak. If you notice or suspect pipe corrosion, have the issue checked by a qualified plumber.

The Sydney plumber will fix any problem before the pipes get damaged beyond repair. If they’re damaged extensively, the only solution will be to replace them.

  1. Invasion by tree roots

It’s quite challenging to diagnose invasion of underground pipes by tree roots. Since the pipes are buried underground, you won’t really see the problem.

Naturally, tree roots grow towards a nearby water source. Thus, they can damage underground pipes in search of water.

If detected early, the problem can be rectified by cutting the roots. Failure to detect the issue early may necessitate pipe replacement.

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