Signs that Your Home Requires the Services of a Sydney Plumber

Sydney plumbing issues are as challenging as electrical issues. Dealing with them can be extremely frustrating, especially if you can’t tell the cause of the problem or none of the fixes you’ve tried are working.

Actually, DIY fixes tend to worsen the problem if you don’t know what you’re doing. For instance, you may notice a minor leak from the faucet and attempt to tighten certain hardware or replace the washer.

However, the small leak may end up being a major leak if you worsen the problem. Thus, if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s best to hire a reputable plumber to assess the problem and fix it professionally.

professional sydney plumber working on a drain pipe

Below, our plumbing experts have gathered signs that it’s time to reach out to a professional Sydney plumber for services:

  1. The sink is draining slowly

Water shouldn’t pool on the sink, tub, or shower whenever a faucet is opened. It should drain freely. However, if water is pooling, it means there’s a drainage problem.

It’s probably clogged with a foreign object or food. You can try to run your garbage disposal to see whether the problem gets fixed. In case this problem isn’t fixed, something is likely stuck within the drain pipes.

In this case, contact a professional plumber to come and fix the issue with a plumber’s snake or any other fix that will work.

  1. Running toilet

If your toilet is working smoothly, it should stop running after a flush cycle is complete. In case it continues running long after a flush cycle is complete, then it’s faulty.

Probably, the seal that connects the tank to the bowl is broken. As a result, water will leak into the bowl and the tank won’t stop filling. Also, the problem may be caused by a serious plumbing issue.

Whether the noise resulting from a running toilet is faint or loud, if you can’t find a way to stop it, the best solution is to hire a professional to assess the problem and fix it appropriately.

  1. Low water pressure

Low water pressure may turn your fun shower experience into a sad, soapy situation. For instance, you’ll find it hard to rinse shampoo off your hair.

Also, it’ll be quite challenging to rinse soap from the rest of your body. In this case, a shower that would otherwise take you a few minutes to complete will take much longer.

Consequently, you’ll waste a lot of water and time. Low water pressure may result from a clogged faucet aerator such that water won’t flow out with full pressure. Although fixing a clogged aerator may seem to be a simple task, it’s wise to have it handled by a professional plumber.

  1. Gurgling toilet

In case your toilet is gurgling when you start using the shower, either the toilet or shower or both likely have a problem.

This problem is often caused by a clogged drain such that water gets clogged within the faucet. Although it’s a common plumbing issue in Sydney, it can result in a messy and costly situation.

If you notice this problem, first, turn off the main valve and contact a reliable plumber before the problem becomes disastrous.

  1. Lack of hot water

Water heaters tend to overwork during the cold season. If the heater is working properly, it’ll heat cold water within a short period. However, if water isn’t heating, it means the unit has a problem.

It may not really need any replacement but little maintenance. Contact an expert to diagnose and fix the issue.

From running toilets to clogged bathrooms and cracked pipes, you can depend on Fast Plumbers to fix any plumbing issue in Sydney. Call us on 1300 481 182 for the most reliable plumbing services in Sydney.

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