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The Main Causes of Pipe Leaks in Most Sydney Homes

Wondering why your pipes leak often? Whether you’re having a leak or you just want to remain proactive by maintaining your plumbing system, we have reliable information for you.

It’ll help to know the causes of pipe leaks when seeking to keep your property free from water damage. Only when you know the reasons are you able to stop a plumbing leak. You’ll also save yourself from costly repairs that come from plumbing leaks.

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Here are the main causes of pipe leaks in most Sydney homes, including some tips on detecting pipe leaks.

Know Your Plumbing System

Although Australia boasts of a large coastal area, you wouldn’t want your beloved home to get flooded by a leaking plumbing system. Older homes in Sydney often have metallic pipes.

These pipes are prone to corrosion and rust. When a metallic pipe corrodes, it’ll easily develop pinholes where water will leak from.

As such, newer homes use more reliable pipe materials, especially a combination of copper and plastic. Knowing the kind of material making your pipes will be of help when identifying the main cause of a leak.

Causes of Leaks in Pipes

  1. Corrosion

If your home uses metal pipes, then you’ll often experience pipe leaks. Copper tends to be less corrosive and stronger than other metals used in making pipes.

While copper is the most preferred metallic pipe, it’s also prone to leakage as it can develop pin-sized holes. If these tiny holes occur within the ceiling or a wall, then you may experience big problems from the leakage.

  1. Water pressure and blockages

It’s quite challenging to prevent foreign objects from finding their way into the pipes and the drain lines. When small things such as cooking oil, dirt, and hair build up in drain lines, they clog and block the drain.

The blockage can change the pressure of the water. Excessive water pressure is strong enough to crack the strongest pipes.

  1. Nature

Everyone loves residing in a leafy town or suburb. You surely appreciate having shady trees in your backyard.

However, as you enjoy the shade offered by trees on a sunny day, the same trees may be causing havoc beneath the surface.

Some tree roots grow deep and long to an extent of wrapping around the underground pipes, strangling them, or pressing against weak points where pipes meet. All these issues can cause underground leaks.

  1. Poor workmanship

Regardless of the state of your home, be it pre-owned or brand new, you can’t be fully certain about the overall quality of its plumbing work.

Some plumbers may have cut some corners, something might have been done cheaply or rushed, or inadequate supplies may have been used.

Maybe the fitting used was the wrong one or the amount of sealant used wasn’t enough. Poor workmanship can cause leaks in your plumbing.

Some of the leaks may be visible while others might be hidden in areas you can’t see. In such cases, there’s nothing much you can do apart from doing new repairs.

Locating the Plumbing Leaks

Upon learning the main reasons that cause plumbing leaks, here are the main signs that can assist you in spotting leaks:

  • Fungus or mold growth indoors
  • Loose or falling tiles
  • Dampness (you can easily feel or smell it even though it might be invisible)
  • Puddles around your yard
  • Water stains beneath the sink, on the ceiling or wall, and around the toilet base

Make the Water Meter Your Friend

You can test whether your plumbing system is leaking by simply checking the water meter. First, turn off all faucets and water appliances. Then note down the current water meter reading and note it down.

Wait for some hours and don’t open any water outlet or use any water appliance. You can best do this before retiring to bed or before heading out for work or when traveling for a holiday.

Next, check the water meter again after being away for some time and note down the second water meter reading.

Compare the two water meter readings. If the readings don’t match, then you probably have a water leak somewhere in your home. If you can’t find it, call in your local plumber for further assistance.

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