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Tips By Plumbers in Balmain To Prevent Clogged Drains

  1. Clean Sinks

It is vital to clean your sink to prevent blocked drains in your house. The ideal way to do this is by pouring or cleaning salt and vinegar water in the sink and down the drain.

While this is an effective method it can indeed be beneficial when your pour your bleach and leave it there overnight. This method is the most effective one as it cleans you’re your sink almost entirely.

This method takes at least an hour to work so if you cannot let it sit there overnight, pour it and let it sit for an hour or two and the clean it out!

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  1. Cleaning the grease

Over time, your kitchen sink becomes greasy, and this can seriously affect your drainage system. However, there is a simple and effective way to clean your kitchen sink off of grease.

Take a pan and fill it with water, when the water is just about to boil, take a spoonful of dish detergent and pour it down the drain followed by the hot water immediately.

Make sure to pour the water slowly. This will clean out the sink the same way it cleans your dishes!

  1. Refrain from using hot tap water

To make the above method work, you need to make sure that the water that is being used is boiled because hot tap water isn’t hot enough to remove the grease from the sinks.

The tap water only works if it is a boiler tap, the temperature of the water which flows from a boiler tap is hot enough to clean the grease off the pipes, hence preventing blockage. This method could also be used for bathroom drains if necessary.

  1. Garbage and cold water

There are garbage disposal units connected to sinks. Usually using hot water drains the garbage out faster, but it is vital to note that it does more damage to the drainage system in the process.

Hot water melts the grease off of the garbage more easily, and that can cause it to stick to the pipe, which in turn affects the drainage system.

It is strongly recommended to use large amounts of cold water as it does not allow the grease to melt and stick to the drain while the garbage is being disposed of through the system. It helps with oil not damaging the drain pipes.

  1. Outside Drains

While it is uncommon for the drains outside your house to get affected and blocked, it is not impossible. The drains outside your house can very well get blocked by leaves or small pebbles.

However, this is preventable if a chicken wire is used to cover up the drains. This provides extra coverage to the drains and restricts anything from entering the system.

If you have a problem with clogged drains, make sure to contact our plumbers in Balmain. We provide aid to all plumbing related problems in Balmain right at your doorstep! Our Fast Plumbers team can be contacted at 1300 481 182.

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