Tips for Unblocking a Toilet Clogged By a Tampon

If your toilet is clogged by a tampon, plunging it might only make the problem more serious as it will push the tampon deeper down the wastepipe.

Also, trying to use a drain snake to dislodge it is never advisable since breaking it up will create tampon pieces that can also clog the waste pipe. The best method of removing a tampon from the toilet drainpipe is by pulling it out.

fixing toilet clogged by tampons

Here’s how to go about it:

Step 1

In case the toilet is completely blocked and is not draining the bowl contents, you’ll need to drain it manually. Flushing a clogged toilet might make the bowl to overflow.

To drain the bowl manually, first, wear gloves (preferably rubber gloves that will cover the forearms) and empty the toilet bowl water with a cup. You can empty the water while pouring it into a plastic bucket.

Step 2

Take a plumber’s snake and insert it through the toilet drain opening. Continue pushing it through the wastepipe until you feel some resistance.

Rotate the handle clockwise for the hooks on the inserted end to get hold of the stuck tampon. Then retrieve the snake hoping that it’ll bring out the tampon. If it doesn’t, try again.

In case several attempts fail to pull it out, may be it will break it up to allow wastewater to drain. You can try flushing the toilet to check whether it’s now draining smoothly.

Step 3

If the snake is unable to remove the tampon, try to reach it with your hands and pull it out. In case you’re unable to reach it, then it’s probably stuck around the upper area of the drain trap. In this case, proceed to the next step.

Step 4

Before proceeding, shut off the toilet water supply. Empty the toilet tank and the toilet bowl using a cup or any other small container.

Dry off any remaining water with a sponge. Next, remove the pipe connection that connects the toilet tank to the bowl.

Step 5

Use an adjustable wrench to remove the bolts holding the toilet bowl in place. Upon removing all the bolts, lift off the toilet and lay it away from the work area carefully, preferably on a plastic sheet or rag.

Sponge out any water that may spill from the bowl. Try reaching into the trap with your hands and pull out the stuck tampon.

Step 6

If you’re unable to find the stuck tampon within the trap, try checking the waste pipe. The tampon is probably stuck around the waste pipe opening near the section where the toilet drain connects to the main waste pipe.

Try pulling it with your hand if possible or try using a drain snake to pull it out. You can as well try to remove it using a lengthy screwdriver or tongs.

Step 7

Use a sharp putty knife to scrape off old wax around the flange. Replace the old, worn-out wax ring with a new one. Place the toilet bowl back in place and fasten it onto the floor with the bolts you removed.

Reconnect the pipe that supplies flush water from the tank to the bowl. Open the shutoff valve you closed and flush the toilet to check whether it’s draining properly.


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