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Tips From A Liverpool Plumber To Manage A Leaky Pipe

Finding a leaky pipe in a house is one of the most common causes of inconveniences that a homeowner has to go through. It is a situation that can cause panic and chaos in a household.

So, what to do when you first notice a leak? Just put a patch on the leak to avoid any more water wastage while you wait for the plumber.

woman fixing leaky pipe while waiting for a liverpool plumber

  1. Cut off the water supply

The first step of patching the leak is cutting the supply of water in that area. This can be done through switching off the main water source valve in any household.

Before doing that, it is also necessary to inspect if there are any loose taps which may have caused the leak, and is something that does not require the presence of a Liverpool plumber.

  1. Clear off the zone in which there is a leak

After cutting off the water supply from the main area, it is essential to clean the area of the leak as dirtiness or already leaking water may cause unnecessary damage to the area of the leak.

Cleaning includes mopping and drying up the floor, cleaning the taps, also remove any items and utensils that could be damaged or damage the leak more from the area.

  1. Turn it into a work station for the plumber

It is important to note that before you apply the patch, make sure that the area is clean, dry and smoothed out for the plumber.

This step may require you to smooth out the general zone of the leaking with sandpaper to make sure that the area is dry, the edges are smooth, and there is no rust! All of this will fasten up the process for when the plumber gets to the sight.

  1. Get a plumber’s epoxy

Epoxy is a tool which is used by plumbers to fix a leak, and it is one of the most efficient ways to fix a leak. An epoxy is readily available at any hardware store which is near your house. After you identify what is causing the leak, which in most cases, is a gap in the plumbing, is easily fixable by an epoxy.

Measure the adequate amount of epoxy which is required to fill the gap and take that amount of piece out, shape the epoxy so that it fills the gap perfectly and apply it. After that, if you find any rough edges, smooth them out and wait for the epoxy to dry off.

For best results, apply a piece of rubber on the epoxy when it is all dried up for further insurance that it stays in place.

If you follow these steps correctly, you will have fixed your leak. However, no one can do a plumber’s job better than a plumber. If leaks ever need quick maintenance contact Fast Plumbers Liverpool on 1300 481 182 for fast, easy plumbing help!

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