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24/7 Emergency Plumber Melbourne

Our Melbourne plumbers and gas fitting experts are professionally trained to handle any commercial or emergency gas fitting and plumbing problems and emergencies.

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Residential & Commercial Plumbing Melbourne

We’re the professionals and masters of commercial and residential plumbing, from emergency plumbing to regular maintenance.

Our plumbers are highly skilled in handling emergency issues such as blocked pipes, blocked drains, busted pipes, clogged or blocked toilets, blocked showers, and blocked sinks.

Blocked drains usually lead to major damages when left unfixed. Also, the unpleasant smells that come from blocked drains and pipes are a health concern and menace in any business premise or home.


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Once a drain system starts draining slowly, then you should have the pipes cleaned before any odors invade your office or home. While some plumbing blockages may be minor, especially those isolated to a drain hole or pipe bend, others are major. Major blockages should be unblocked by qualified plumber Melbourne experts.

Our 24/7 Melbourne plumbers are fully-equipped to unblock and clean drainage pipes. In case the blockage is extremely large and beyond inspection, we can use a water jet tool to flush the obstruction. In case any of your pipelines requires replacement, we will offer you advice on what to do and offer you a free, no obligation quote.

Whenever you have a plumbing emergency like blocked drains, clogged drains, gas fitting issues, and busted pipes, our emergency plumber Melbourne team is just one call away.

Most plumbing companies across Melbourne tend to exploit clients who have plumbing emergencies. We never do that. Our team will come to your site on time. They come equipped with all the tools required to get the job done soonest possible and in a professional way.

As such, you’ll feel less stressed and save your money. You can contact Fast Plumbers for emergency services at any time of the day or night and enjoy a professional, prompt, and affordable service.

Gas Leaks Plumbing Detection and Repairs

Any time you notice a gas leakage or smell, contact us immediately. Gas leaks can lead to major damages when left unattended. Always avoid fixing problems related to gas by yourself no matter how minor they might appear to you. Leave all gas problems to qualified plumbers.

We have fully-trained gas fitters who come equipped with an electronic gas detecting tool to detect oxygen exhaustion and the presence of gas around the suspected environment.

The detector follows the gas pipeline to trace the exact leaking point. The plumbers will do the necessary repair or replacement work to resolve the problem.

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Our Plumbing Services

  • General plumbing
  • Kitchen and bathroom renovations
  • Blocked sinks, showers, and drains
  • Toilet, laundry, bath, tap, and vanity installations
  • Gas oven and gas hob installations
  • Burst pipes and water leaks
  • Water heater installations
  • Supplying and serving gas appliances

Friendly and Accredited Services

We’re fully accredited and licensed by the authorities who regulate the plumbing industry. Our service is friendly and respectful. Our clients can attest to that based on their positive reviews about our service.

All our gas fitters and plumbers are cleared by local authorities. Thus, you can rest assured that your premise will be in safe hands.

Contact our 24/7 gas fitting and plumbing team for any gas fitting and plumbing needs in Melbourne.

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Please Call Our 24 Hour Helpline If You Have Any Plumbing Emergencies

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