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What Is Making Your Toilet Gurgle?

Most homeowners view toilet gurgling as a minor issue. However, gurgling is often an indicator that something is wrong with your plumbing. Here are the main causes of gurgling noise in a toilet.

common reasons for toilet gurgling

Faulty Toilet Tank Components

A toilet tank holds water for flushing the toilet. It also contains several components that control the flushing mechanism. For instance, the float, fill, and flapper mechanism allows the toilet to flush and thereafter refill with fresh water.

These components may corrode, wear out, and malfunction with time. Malfunctioning toilet hardware may cause gurgling noise. Identifying malfunctioning toilet tank components and fixing them can be quite challenging. Thus, you’d rather call your plumber for professional assistance.

Reverse Suction

The water held in the toilet P-trap may get pulled away from the toilet bowl and flow back into the plumbing system, a plumbing problem known as reverse suction. In most instances, reverse suction occurs as a result of poor venting.

Without fully-functional vents, other plumbing appliances such as the dishwasher and other washing machines can cause backflow. The backflow pulls air from the toilet, causing a gurgling sound.

Venting issues are mainly caused by clogs. Plumbing vents are designed to allow for the circulation of fresh air from the outside into the plumbing system.

Over time, weathering, debris, and dead animals can buildup in the vent and clog it. Also, older homes often lack venting. Consider hiring an experienced plumber to assess your venting and fix it the right way.


Gurgling also results from air trying to escape through blocked pipes. Debris, minerals, non-flushable objects, sediment, and roots are common causes of clogs. All parts of a sewer line are prone to obstructions.

plumber fixing toilet clogs

You can use a plunger to unblock minor clogs such as those near the toilet bowl, sink, and bathroom drain openings. However, stubborn clogs and clogs sitting deep within the drain may require snaking to remove them.

You can buy a drain snake or toilet auger from a local hardware to clear stubborn toilet clogs. If they fail to remove the clog, then seek the assistance of a plumber.

Why Should You Call A Professional?

Plumbing systems are quite complex. Making any mistakes when fixing malfunctioning vents, replacing toilet tank components or clearing clogs may lead to more problems and expensive repairs. A professional plumber can easily diagnose the problem and offer a working solution.

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