If you’ve just installed a new toilet, it should eliminate issues related to sewer smells. However, if your new toilet hasn’t been installed the right way, or failing components were used, then it may leak and allow sewer gases and wastewater to escape.

Thus, if your new toilet is allowing sewer gases into the bathroom, then you should check the likely causes of the problem and fix it.

newly installed toilet

The Basics of Toilet Plumbing

A toilet is usually connected to the branch or main sewer line through a fixture known as a closet flange. The closet flange is located on the floor. It’s connected to the sewer inlet.

The inlet pipe is usually buried within the floor. The flange has two slots situated on each side. These slots hold the flange bolts in place.

The toilet base fits onto the flange bolts, which are secured in place with nuts. The connection between the toilet drain outlet and the flange is kept air and watertight by a special wax ring that sits between the connection.


Loose Toilet Base

If the toilet base is not secured properly in place, then it’ll allow sewer gases to escape. You can fix this problem by tightening all the bolts that hold the toilet base in place.

In some toilet designs, the bolts may be covered with caps. Use a screwdriver to pry off any caps. Be careful when tightening each bolt. Over-tightening them may crack the toilet porcelain material.

The best way to tighten the nuts is by turning them with your hand until they can’t go any further. Then turn them one or two more turns with an adjustable wrench.


Lack of a Wax Ring

Even if your toilet seems to be properly secured in place, if it doesn’t have a wax ring in place, it might still leak sewer gases.

A wax ring is an inexpensive plumbing fixture. You can easily find it from your local plumbing or hardware store. You’ll need to remove your toilet to install the ring. First, turn off the water supply to the toilet.

Then drain the toilet tank and toilet bowl. Next, remove the toilet tank and loosen the nuts holding the bowl in position. Push the new wax ring into position. Once done, secure everything back in place.


A Damaged Wax Ring

If the toilet wax ring is not installed properly, or it’s damaged, then it’ll allow sewer gases to leak. Most inexperienced plumbers find it challenging to install a wax ting.

If your toilet’s wax ring was installed by an apprentice, then it might have been installed the wrong way. Regardless of what happened, a damaged wax ring would need replacement.

Simply remove your toilet and remove the damaged ring. Replace it with a new wax ring and secure your toilet in place.


Sealing the Toilet Base

You can keep away sewer gases by applying silicone caulk in generous amounts around the toilet seat.

Silicone caulk will ensure no sewer gas escapes past the installed wax ring. Ensure the caulk you apply is a waterproof type for it to hold up in the wet toilet environment.


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